Thursday, 15 August 2013

I am coming I promise...

You will soon learn tonight might not really be tonight! So I am going to start blogging again because it has been a really long time. And in that time life has been good, so I thought it was time to share again. So later after I have settled the kids I WILL start blogging again :)

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Happy Festive Season

Hey there.

Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and here's to a wonderful 2012.
My plans are to indulge over the the next week or 2, but within reason, and still maintain some form of exercise. Kickboxing is only twice a week over the next couple of weeks. I tried to do my own form of KB at home today and I did manage to burn 400 calories. But it was much harder without the structure of someone telling me exactly what to do. Not that I want to put on weight, but I would be happy to not exceed a kilo. Then come the new Year I will be keen to try to get to 60 kg. Somehow I have still been losing weight (small amounts).  So Lets see. I really need to start tracking again. So easy to just let things slip by those lips.

Stats for the last 14 months are in -
(as at the 6th December)
Total loss - 30.7 kg (this is 31 now) which is 33.1% total body loss. Fark a third of me.

For the 12 week body transformation I lost 7.4kg (10.6%).

Overall I feel amazing, and look pretty good I guess. Still demons in my head that don't quite see the real me. and can't quite take all the compliments easily. I sometimes feel guilty and like a fraud, cause I know the flabby bits under the clothes, and I know I can still pop down the shops for a packet of Twisties or polish off more Chardonnay than I need!! But overall I know I am making healthy choices and my activity levels are 110% on what they were.

I should add that I went to Sydney for the finale party with my darling BFF and what an amazing weekend. You really feel like a part of something amazing. There were 1200 people at the workout which was a rocking super aerobics workout. In total the 12wbt family have lost 40,000 kg. Yes you read that right! That was in 12 weeks. Annie and I cemented our friendship with tattoos, hehe. And I can't post a pic because all the options are not showing above. So I will try that next time.

Stay safe and have fun!
Love Kaz

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Then and Now

Here is the transformation in pictures....

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Friday, 25 November 2011

It finally happened...

Finally I am a healthy BMI. Yippppeeeee

Although I know I 'look' healthy and BMI is not completely accurate because it does not account for body mass (muscle etc), it was still a measure that is solid and a measure I could reach for. So in Wednesday when I jumped on the scales I was pleasantly surprised to see a figure I had been aspiring for. When I joined WW last October I stated my goal weight to be 70 kg. I never dreamed I would even reach that, let alone surpass it.

 I have a very busy weekend, with a school Pirate Car Rally tomorrow, which will be lots of fun, and then our Tae Kwon Do presentation on Sunday. I have watched 2 of these with Harry participating. BUT this year Emmy and I are also in it...EEEk I am quietly very anxious, but will also be very proud to stand up there as a nearly yellow belt (1 class away). Maybe I need to squeeze in a class Saturday and grade after it?

Ok have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Excuses excuses

I still make plenty of them....
BUT alas I try to JFDI!!

No one is perfect, and GOD I am the last to say I am, gee I ate a whole packet of Cheese and Bacon balls last night, but it is funny when trying to change ones own thought process, these days when people talk about their own efforts in weight loss, I just sit and nod and smile, because all you hear is excuses. And how amazing it is that we BELIEVE these as truths!!

I love this, someone posted it on the FB page of 12wbt....
Cheers xx

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Well I am now well and truly in to my 40's. Yep I was 42 on Saturday. And what a lovely day I had. I went into the city with 9 of my most favourite people. 7 wonderful friends, my sister and mummy! I was so appreciative that they would want to spend so much money to eat yummy foodwith ME! The weather was absolutely miserable. BUT it didn't matter I was so happy. I felt confident, beautiful and loved :)

After a beautifully decadent lunch at The Windsor, for High Tea I went out to our favourite mexican with my family for more delicious food. Here is my wonderful sister Kim and I before we had eaten all those delicious pastries and cakes.

Funnily enough that weekend of over indulgence didn't hamper my weight loss of 1 kg this week. That takes me to under 65 kg. Yipeeee. I am also less concerned about BMI now (which is 25.6, so close to healthy), because as it states on the Government better health website, it cannot differentiate between body fat and muscle mass. Still getting regular comments that I am fading away, which is not entirely true, but hey who am I to argue?

Ok best get back to what I was meant to be doing...