Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Happy Festive Season

Hey there.

Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and here's to a wonderful 2012.
My plans are to indulge over the the next week or 2, but within reason, and still maintain some form of exercise. Kickboxing is only twice a week over the next couple of weeks. I tried to do my own form of KB at home today and I did manage to burn 400 calories. But it was much harder without the structure of someone telling me exactly what to do. Not that I want to put on weight, but I would be happy to not exceed a kilo. Then come the new Year I will be keen to try to get to 60 kg. Somehow I have still been losing weight (small amounts).  So Lets see. I really need to start tracking again. So easy to just let things slip by those lips.

Stats for the last 14 months are in -
(as at the 6th December)
Total loss - 30.7 kg (this is 31 now) which is 33.1% total body loss. Fark a third of me.

For the 12 week body transformation I lost 7.4kg (10.6%).

Overall I feel amazing, and look pretty good I guess. Still demons in my head that don't quite see the real me. and can't quite take all the compliments easily. I sometimes feel guilty and like a fraud, cause I know the flabby bits under the clothes, and I know I can still pop down the shops for a packet of Twisties or polish off more Chardonnay than I need!! But overall I know I am making healthy choices and my activity levels are 110% on what they were.

I should add that I went to Sydney for the finale party with my darling BFF and what an amazing weekend. You really feel like a part of something amazing. There were 1200 people at the workout which was a rocking super aerobics workout. In total the 12wbt family have lost 40,000 kg. Yes you read that right! That was in 12 weeks. Annie and I cemented our friendship with tattoos, hehe. And I can't post a pic because all the options are not showing above. So I will try that next time.

Stay safe and have fun!
Love Kaz

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